IHGMA held International Confex

IHGMA.com – The tourism and hospitality industry has been growing as of late, welcoming a new market of an increasing number of a new generation and international tourists. Famous tourist destinations have already seen a large influx of investment in recent years, leading to excessive supply while promoting the establishment of the hotel industry.

As those within the hospitality industry well know, what almost immediately comes along with rising numbers of tourist is a rising demand of hotel properties of all designations, from luxury options to mid-tier more affordable choices.

The project pipeline is unsurprisingly an active one, with many new hotels on the way to accommodate visitors and guests. With a shift in the market and an increase in demand, the competitiveness of the hospitality industry brings new opportunities and challenges.

The International Hotel General Manager Conference and Exhibition 2019 (IHGMA CONFEX 2019) is a platform to discuss opportunities and challenges facing the hospitality industry today.

It is a sustainable platform that provides you with exactly what you need when you need it. IHGMA Convex 2019 is a hospitality event made by General Managers for General Managers where you can discover new insights and grow your network to promote the performance of hotels and the hospitality industry.

IHGMA Conference and Exhibition 2019 will be held in Bandung from 24 November to 26 November 2019 eL Hotel Royale Bandung at Jl. Merdeka No.2, Bandung, West Java – INDONESIA.

Featuring the theme “Traverse Professionality for Sustainability”, this is an event designed to facilitate discussion about the latest challenges and evolutions of the Hospitality Industry, chiefly among them are how digital technology influences the Hotel staying experience and how we can find and integrate environmentally.

The event largely will be divided into three main activities:


That tackling urgent and relevant issues for Indonesian Hospitality Industry, delivered by speakers and experts of the field.


To highlight the latest products, services, and trends in the Indonesian Hospitality Industry from the sponsors and all the relevant players, including Indonesian Hospitality practitioners, Province Tourism Board, as well as Tourism and Culture Office.


Utilize the perfect opportunity to creating the best and most expansive business network and connections with the most relevant players in the hospitality industri during our event. eL Hotel Royale Bandung

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